Arts and Talents by God's Grace

Services & Rules

We provide the following Assisting Services

< For all Artists / Participants who registered in ArtGrace & AnTGrace >

* All can get the first three hours of services for free.

* Long Term Training Program for people with disabilities:
we encourage you applying for financial aid from the governmental agency,
such as Self-Determination Program from CA Regional Centers.

* Voluntary Helpers / Co-workers / Staff will get free training.

* Some Advanced Assistance will charge Consulting /
Training Service fee.

* Edit Artwork Images 

on,, or

for P.O.D. ( Print-on-Demand ) Product Development

We will guide you through registering an account at the free image editing platforms  (like Canva, Printful, or Printify ), learning to edit your artwork images, making graphic designs for print-on-demand products, thereby

the final finished images of your art-derived P.O.D. products and all the descriptions in your Printful or Printify store accounts will be ready to post at the marketplace platforms (such as Etsy and Amazon).    

We assist in three optional ways:

(A)  We Handle It All

(B)  You Handle by Yourself with our Assistance including Guidance

(C)  A + B  For the Maximum Exposure

* Build a free e-commerce store at “” ; Apply for being a 

“Amazon Merch on Demand Content Creator”

We will assist you in setting up accounts, developing the product listing texts, and connecting your Printful or Printify with your Etsy Shop. 

You may utilize the following ArtGrace free publicity for your marketing.

* Display at ArtGrace Online Showcase (

Once you have established and started selling on your Etsy Shop, connected with your Printful or Printify, we will post the final finished images of your artworks as well as the derived products with your approval. Each product image will have an attached link redirecting to its shop page.

Rules for Posting / Publishing

— All displays or postings are free of charge.

— You always own your copyright of artworks and images. 

— You will need to sign the authorization agreement for ArtGace to post or publish the images of your artworks and products.

— We will prevent copying. 

— We reserve the right to publish the submitted images or videos of products. 

— Contents with controversy will be advised or rejected. 

— The approval may take 7 working days.

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