Arts and Talents by God's Grace

Connect with Local Churches

Our goals:

* Seek like-minded co-workers & volunteers from the members of local Christian churches to collaborate for all the following Projects from (I) to (XII) of the mission & ministry plans. Offer assistance to form and train individual teams to give prompt helps for the needs from their churches or outside nearby their communities; also to carry out the mission plans. Online cloud video meetings for trainings and supports will be given to every co-worker and volunteer for the operation. Detailed methods and benefits will be posted on the "Collaboration", under one of the top menu "Support Us".

* Organize "Participant Fellowships":

Local and nationwide online virtual meeting and connection with local churches.
Voluntary counselors will help to lead the Special Artists for their fellowship;
Supporting Artists also can have their fellowship.

* Make "ArtGrace online Art & Performance Shows" available at local churches --
Roving Exhibitions at Collaborative Local Churches

Invite senior undergraduate students from art schools to design and set up our exhibitions as part of their school project.

* Share the gospel and love with all participants in our programs as well as any future evangelistic events.

Bridge to Church Fellowship

Bring any participant who is willing to know about God

to the local church and fellowship.

Roving Exhibitions at Collaborative Local Churches


Through art exhibitions and talent performances at local churches, 

it brings outside people to learn about churches and Sunday Schools with special

 education divisions and diverse fellowships 

for artists & photographers, families focus on kids, 

youth & young adults, and Empty Nest parents.

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