Arts and Talents by God's Grace

Give-away the ArtGrace Made Trophy / Award Plaque

ArtGrace will produce creative and beautiful "Award Plaques" (P.O.D. custom-made framed pictures with lights) and "Trophies" (P.O.D. custom-made pictures on glass jars with lights); give them away with compliments, encouragements, and God's blessings to the following objects. We hope people will like this creativity & the message and may support ArtGrace by purchasing their own trophies and plaques if they want.

This P.O.D production will invite the artists & families we serve to join. That will be their contributions to the community as well as an job opportunity.

Three Categories of Objects

(1) For Art Contest Winners: The image of their winning artwork will be produced on one of the above mentioned awards. Other contestants will be encouraged to order their own P.O.D. souvenirs from with their own artworks.

(2) For Artists with Serious Illness : One image of their masterpiece artworks will be produced on one of the above mentioned awards. ArtGrace will make the arrangements of giving it to them as a comfort and encouragement.

(3) For Retiring Pastors: A selected image from AnTGrace or their own selected design will be produced on the award, which will be sent to their church office.

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