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"everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”
- Isaiah 43:7

Let's contribute to and glorify God!

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(Since there are just a little funds, all ArtGrace jobs start from being
a volunteer. Once there are enough funds, ArtGrace definitely
would like to give the part-time or full-time job offers promptly.
Many thanks to all of you for understanding our situation! )

"for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose."

- Philippians 2:13

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Looking for Like-minded Adults in Diverse Fields

Jobs: < Coach / Leader / Helper >

Teach & Lead Youth

in the first three Urgent Needs:

(1) Artwork Image Editing, Print & Digital Graphic Design
for the Publicity & Calling at Church,
Media Publicity, and
Print-on-Demand Derived Products

(2) Community Art & Craft Activities

(3) Art & Craft Class

for the following

< The Objectives of the above programs >

(1) For the disadvantaged people, especially with developmental disability:

All the programs including Community Service &
Internship Program
by using Graphic Design,
Community-based Art & Craft Activities, and Art & Craft Class
are to help boost their creative ability; build critical skills;
promote their artworks, derived print-on-demand products, or performances;
thereby they have more opportunities to earn money,
to learn how,
to strengthen confidence, and to enhance their social skills
through the interaction with peers or adults in the programs.
Also, we will train their job skills and prepare them for their future employment.

(2) For the general youth:

The programs will help them
learn and apply
professional knowledge and skills to
serve the people in need and community with love;
make more productions that are in line with God's heart;
develop leadership and management capability;
and provide them with the experience connected to their
future success.

(3) For the Leaders & Helpers:

This is a great opportunity to contribute your talent or
ability to the Lord and the community;
help lead the young talents to
know God and
experience Him through
the programs;
nurture them to serve
people and God;
pass on the core value of faith to be lived out in their future career.

The Ultimate Objectives for all:

is to let everyone come to know or know more about God;
accept His salvation, experience His love, encouragement,
leading, and providing
through Himself, the ministry, their families & friends,
or the government resource;
then give thanks to God and
all the people or
organizations involved;
glory to the Lord!

Ideas of Work for the Urgent Needs (1)

(1) Teach youth to learn, develop, design, and update a yearly
Program Introduction Flyer
for ArtGrace,
which will have various layouts
for the print and
the digital media with a QR code.
Also, they will try to produce Participant Work Manual.

(2) Teach youth to learn & practice the apps of digital image editing on the websites of print-on-demand suppliers, such as Printful, Printify, and Canva, in order to design the layouts on various products like T-shirts, mugs, bags, and etc. Let them apply the skills they learned to teach the artists with special needs and help those people produce virtual derived products to sell online at and make money.

(3) Teach youth to develop & design a video and a flyer to introduce ArtGrace & AnTGrace and to call people to participate & donate. The video will be shown at the end of Sunday worship.
The flyer will be inserted in the worship program sheet.

List of Current Jobs Wanted

Special Education or
Educational Therapy
related Coach
the Community Art Activity, Art Class, Community Service & Internship Programs
for the people with developmental disabilities

Art & Craft Teacher
Community Art Activity
for Children and Adults
with developmental disabilities

Graphic Designer
Digital Image Editing;
Print & Digital
Media Publicity;
Redesign for Derived Products;
eMagazine Layout Design

Teacher of Art & Craft Class
Children & Adults with
developmental disability

Web Engineer
WordPress Website Building,
Development, and more

Copy-Writer / Text Editor
Web-page and eMagazine

Accounting / Payroll Affairs

Marketing & Management
Programs & Ministries

Form & Organize
Fundraising Teams

Answering Phone Remote Receptionist

Legal & Compliance Affairs

Social Media & Publicity

< Fundraise & Publicize for ArtGrace >

*Form & Organize /Join a team to fundraise and publicize at my church

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Highlight of the Missions

Art Services for Developmental Disabilities

Sample Canva's Photo Image
Sample Canva's Photo Image
Sample Image of Printful's P.O.D. Products
Sample Etsy Shop Image
Sample Photo Image fm
Sample Photo Image fm

Art / Music Vocational Skill Training Programs

Digital Image Editing and
Re-designing for Derived Products

Artwork POD Product and
Etsy Shop
Development & Establishment

Print & Digital
Media Publicity

Publicity & Calling at Church

Digital eCard /
Video eCard Production

Art & Craft
Teacher Assistant

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< Publish eMagazine for Periodical Publicity >

Sample Fliphtml5 eMagazine Template

Graphic Designer and Editors will lead high schoolers,
young adult artists (college students & graduates),
and competent artists with developmental disabilities
to produce the ArtGrace eMagazine.

We will promote the above missions & programs through social media.

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