Arts and Talents by God's Grace

Holding Bible Story & Reflection Art Contests periodically to promote and pass on a way of spreading gospel and God's words as well as bringing people to know God.

Multilingual Promotional Campaigns for Bible Story and Bible Verse Artwork

(1) Well-known Artist Gallery online and exhibitions in the future:

--Be inspired by the artist's background and story behind their piece of art and promote it through social media in order to manifest God's glorious grace & inspiration reflected by their talents.

(2) Collaborate with publishers of Christian devotional material or periodicals, such as YouVersion, Our Daily Bread, who might like and need our image resources. We also can be their contracting graphic designer.

(3) Bible Story and Bible Verse Art Contests:

Help to cultivate in talented young people a desire to express and pass on their Christian heritage and beliefs. Also, bring non-believed artists & families to know more about the bible story and God's words in addition to arts.3

Paintings, crafts, photography, and any other kinds of artwork that highlight bible stories, reflect, or are inspired by bible verses will be welcomed to enter the contest.

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