Arts and Talents by God's Grace

-- It will be a fun, creative, no entrance fee recreational museum & performing art center!
We will develop a program that can helps the sociability of the Artists with interaction, love, and care among children and adults. They will show their talents as well as engage and contribute to the community. Some special education counselors will assist them at the scene or anywhere in the center when they need.(1)

The Artists or persons with special needs will be very important part of staff to work for the center and serve the customers. There will include cafes and gift shops for them to help operate.

Hopefully this project can strengthen their confidence, earnings, job opportunities, self-actualization as well as their positive self-image.

--- Venue design & set-up: seek cooperation with local art schools for Senior undergraduates to design and set up our exhibitions as part of their school project.

--- Offer all participating schools and eligible students to show their best artwork and talent at our center once their schools participate in our fundraising programs. When the students and their families come to see their productions, they will also be exposed to other exhibitions like Bible story and other Christian art.

--- It can serve as an alternative pick-up location for AnTGrace online orders and its partial production division.

--- There also can be integrated some creative activities with Christian arts & talents for the purpose of Gospel outreach.

Venues: Call for free rental offers of very spacious and city allowable places nationwide, where can be long-term fixed used for exhibitions, talent shows, cafes and gift shops, also need to be convenient locations with enough parking spaces.

Positioning: Hope this free – entrance center will be a fun, creative, but also full of interaction with love and caring, for local community kids, adults and the Special ones to show and sell their talents, as well as promote Christian arts and support gospel outreach.
Manpower : Recruit many the Special ones, who will be major manpower, to work for the center.
Venue Interior design & Set-Up: Seek cooperations with local  art & design schools for college student practical training and graduation works.
Connect Communities : Invite local schools from elementary to college to recommend the special and regular supporting students who either need financial aids or are eligible for exhibitions or talent shows, which will be integrated with online school fundraising programs. Promote to bring kids and families come to support their programs as well as enjoy visiting gallery & show center.
Christian Arts Gallery & Talent Shows: Promote Bible Story & Bible Verse Art.
A Location for Online Order Pick-up and Local Production Divisions
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