Arts and Talents by God's Grace

Plans for
Mission & Ministry

(I). Connect with Local Churches

Our goals:

* Seek like-minded people from local Christian churches to collaborate for all the following Projects from (I) to (IX) of the mission & ministry plans. Offer assistance to form voluntary co-ops to give prompt helps for the needs from their churches or outside nearby their communities; also to carry out the mission plans. Detailed methods and benefits will be posted on the "Collaboration", under one of the top menu "Support Us".

* Organize a "Participant Fellowship": local and nationwide online virtual meeting and connection with local churches. Voluntary special education counselors will help to lead the Special Artists.

* Make "ArtGrace online Art & Performance Shows" available at local churches. Invite senior undergraduate students from art schools to design and set up our exhibitions as part of their school project.

* Share the gospel and love with all participants in our programs as well as any future evangelistic events.

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(II). Connect with Local Schools

Set up fundraising programs with schools and coordinate the selection of the artwork & performances, which will be showcased at the page "Arts for School Fundraising" on the website of ArtGrace & AnTGrace, as well as at schools with exhibitions.

Assist in launching fundraising events for school art & performance.

Help & connect with schools and bring people to know more about the Gospel, and Biblical arts with bible verses.

(III). Jobs for the Special Needs

Welcome the one (special) who have the like-minded vision to join our full-time or part-time work to serve and contribute to the community! From the production and operation of the ArtGrace Foundation and its subsidiary AnTGrace Company to the future galleries & show centers, your participation will be essential and precious.

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(IV). Free Art Education for the Poor

Collaborate with local churches that can provide weekly art classes for children or adults who have limited funds. ArtGrace will help fund these classes from donations made to this ministry including teachers’ wages and material costs. Classes could be jointly led by the Artists who are interested in this part-time work.

Share the gospel and love with all participants in our programs as well as any future evangelistic events.

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(V). Christian Art Sustainable Promotion

Multilingual Promotional Campaigns for Bible Story and Bible Verse Artwork

(1) Well-known Artist Gallery online and exhibitions in the future:

--Be inspired by the artist's background and story behind their piece of art and promote it through social media in order to manifest God's glorious grace & inspiration reflected by their talents.

(2) Collaborate with publishers of Christian devotional material or periodicals, such as YouVersion, Our Daily Bread, who might like and need our image resources. We also can be their contracting graphic designer.

(3) Bible Story and Bible Verse Art Contests:

Help to cultivate in talented young people a desire to express and pass on their Christian heritage and beliefs. Also, bring non-believed artists & families to know more about the bible story and God's words in addition to arts.

All paintings, crafts, photography, and any other kinds of artwork that highlight bible stories, reflect, or are inspired by bible verses will be welcomed to enter the contest.

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(VI). Gospel Art & Talent Camp

Collaborate with Vacation Bible School at local churches or
conduct an individual short-term mission
at domestic and overseas mission sites.

(VII). Arts from Mission Sites & Missionaries

(1) Invite the arts about mission history, the current life status, or the stories behind the ministry to testify God's mercy and grace.

(2) Provide fundraising assistance with the AnTGrace charity shops for the people missionaries serve or the missionary themselves.

(VIII). Gallery & Show Center

-- It will be a fun, creative, no entrance fee recreational museum & performing art center!

We will develop a program that can helps the sociability of the Artists with interaction, love, and care among children and adults. They will show their talents as well as engage and contribute to the community. Some special education counselors will assist them at the scene or anywhere in the center when they need.

The Artists or persons with special needs will be very important part of staff to work for the center and serve the customers. There will include cafes and gift shops for them to help operate.

Hopefully this project can strengthen their confidence, earnings, job opportunities, self-actualization as well as their positive self-image.

--- Venue design & set-up: seek cooperation with local art schools for Senior undergraduates to design and set up our exhibitions as part of their school project.

--- Offer all participating schools and eligible students to show their best artwork and talent at our center once their schools participate in our fundraising programs. When the students and their families come to see their productions, they will also be exposed to other exhibitions like Bible story and other Christian art.

--- It can serve as an alternative pick-up location for AnTGrace charity shop online orders and its partial production division.

--- There also can be integrated some creative activities with Christian arts & talents for the purpose of Gospel outreach.

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(IX). Scholarship & Internship

The first priority will be given to the Artists (special) and the ones whose parents are missionaries.

(X). ArtGrace-Made Trophy /Award Plaque Giveaway

The giveaway items will be creative " Award Plaques" -- P.O.D. custom-made lighted framed pictures or "Award Trophies" -- lighted pictures on glass jars.

Awards for Three Categories of Objects :

(1) For Art Contest Winners: An image of their winning artwork will be produced on one of the above mentioned awards. Other contestants will be encouraged to order their own P.O.D. souvenirs from with their own artwork.

(2) For Artists with Serious Illness : An image of their masterpiece artworks will be produced on one of the above mentioned awards. ArtGrace will make the arrangements of giving it to them as a comfort and encouragement.

(3) For Retiring Pastors: A selected image from AnTGrace or their own self-selected design will be produced on the award, which will be sent to their church office.

(XI). Video Tutorial Resource for Art / Talent

Sharing youtube links with texts about how to make it and the skills tips of your artwork, project, or video production for a ministry. From painting, crafting, digitalized editing on apps or websites such as PowerPoint and, to photography or performing art, all are welcome.

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