Arts and Talents by God's Grace
Youth & Adults with Developmental Disability Art / Music Vocational Skill Training Programs

One to One & Small Group Online and
In-person Skill Training

Image copied by Artist Mark M.
Sample Printful's P.O.D. Product

Digital Image Editing and
Re-designing for Derived Products

Learn & practice the apps of digital image editing on the websites of print-on-demand (POD) suppliers, such as Printful, Printify, and Canva, in order to design the layouts on various products like T-shirts, mugs, bags, and etc.

Sample Image of Printful's P.O.D. Products
Sample Etsy Shop Image

Artwork POD Product and
Etsy Shop
Development & Establishment

Learn & practice to develop and establish your POD products and online store (e.g. Etsy Shop). Connect the store accounts of Printing Suppliers like Printful and marketplace platform like

Sample Photo Image fm

Print & Digital
Media Publicity

Learn, develop, design, & update a yearly Program Introduction Flyer, which will have various layouts for the print and the digital media with a QR code. Also, will learn producing Participant Work Manual.

Sample Photo Image fm

Publicity & Calling at Church

Learn, develop & design a video and a flyer to introduce ArtGrace & AnTGrace and to call people to participate & donate. The video will be shown at the end of Sunday worship. The flyer will be inserted in the worship program sheet.

Sample Photo Image fm

Digital eCard /
Video eCard Production

Learn, develop, and design Greeting / Blessing or Celebrating digital eCards / Video eCards by using music and images including artwork, graphic design, and photos.

Sample Canva's Photo Image

Art & Craft
Teacher Assistant

(1) Assist teacher in Community Art Activity for Teens and Young Adults who have developmental disability.
(2) Assist teacher in Art & Craft Class for Children and adults with developmental disability
( individual or small group)

Both objectives are learning teaching.

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