Arts and Talents by God's Grace


Many Special Needs kids & young adults love to spend time drawing, making crafts, baking, playing music, etc. Their parents normally are exhausted from daily life and experience many difficulties to help them achieve their multi-faceted independence, particularly in finance. 

ArtGrace Foundation would very much like to do something for them and all the other disadvantaged people. We will provide them a platform with diverse functions and ministries to showcase and publicize their talents, help make money, and strengthen their confidence, self-actualization, and independence. In addition, we will offer them community-based art programs, ArtGrace internship, and employment opportunities.

Moreover, the most important, we will bring them to know God and experience God Himself through the programs and ministries.
Thereby, parents and kids will get abundant grace from God's blessings.
When you see their works, you will feel amazed at how detailed and fantastic their talents and passions are! 

Through their grateful testimonies, you can see God's grace not only on the artists themselves, but also on parents/guardians/families, schools, and the supportive organizations so that they can financially or environmentally give support.

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