Arts and Talents by God's Grace

Come see their efforts & talents!
Respond to how you have been
moved by God's love and grace.
Support their Creativity!

Lots of artists want to
sponsor ArtGrace
with their arts or talented works.
We will also voluntarily
provide assistance or management
for the charity sales.

In order to comply with
legal requirements,
all sales transactions of Charity Shops
will be redirected to and held on
It is a division of AnTGrace Company
which is a subsidiary
of ArtGrace < 上帝恩典之藝術>Foundation.

This website
will only collect
donations for the diverse
ministries, operations, and
artists we support.
Thank you so much for
your generous offerings!

Plans for
Soft Launch

< The services we will start to have in the beginning >

(1). Product Print-on-Demand Charity Sales

Image provided by artist or customer
Production processed through the following ways

Our Assistance to artist or customer in Three Ways

Artists will always have their ownership on the images and arts!
It is required to indicate either "Original Creation" or "Copy Painting"
one by one for their artworks when they submit to ArtGrace.

Come provide/upload the images you want to show,
the rest will be made and shipped by suppliers or AnTGrace!

All profits received will be given to the artists with special needs and
to AnTGrace ( & ArtGrace ) for operational needs and its ministries.

(2). Give-away the ArtGrace Made Trophy & Award Plaque

ArtGrace will produce creative and beautiful "Award Plaques" (P.O.D. custom-made framed pictures with lights) and "Trophies" (P.O.D. custom-made pictures on glass jars with lights); give them away with compliments, encouragements, and God's blessings to the following objects. We hope people will like this creativity & the message and may support ArtGrace by purchasing their own trophies and plaques if they want.

This P.O.D production will invite the artists & families we serve to join. That will be their contributions to the community as well as an job opportunity.

Three Categories of Objects

(1) For Art Contest Winners: The image of their winning artwork will be produced on one of the above mentioned awards. Other contestants will be encouraged to order their own P.O.D. souvenirs from with their own artworks.

(2) For Artists with Serious Illness : One image of their masterpiece artworks will be produced on one of the above mentioned awards. ArtGrace will make the arrangements of giving it to them as a comfort and encouragement.

(3) For Retiring Pastors: A selected image from AnTGrace or their own selected design will be produced on the award, which will be sent to their church office.

Your purchase is your support for them!

Thanks Any of You

Kids & Adults -- Welcome to Join

We love because God first loved us

" the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said:
’It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”
Acts 20:35
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The Artists, Bakers, Musicians, Dancers, Film Producers & more we serve (with special needs -- Autistic,
Down Syndrome, Loss of the use of limbs,
Having a physical or mental condition,
Kids under foster care, The Homeless …)

The Artists, Bakers,
Musicians, Dancers, Film Producers & more
who sponsor our charity sales by donating their talents

All collaborative participating Churches, Organizations, and Alliances; All Media, Business, Teachers, and
Schools who strongly support us

Shoppers, Corporations, Hotels, Restaurants,
Donors, Volunteers, and all Helpers

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